Our Common Future Under Climate Change

International Scientific Conference 7-10 JULY 2015 Paris, France



Climate Geopolitics: an Opportunity for Africa to Become a Trailblazer?


By Agathe Maupin, South African Institute of International Affairs

Recent international initiatives, such as the New Climate Economy, reflect upon a shift in the political discourse on climate change. From a focus on the security threat, we're now more deeply considering the opportunities encompassed by the green economy and climate-resilient solutions. 

For example, countries such as Rwanda and Ethiopia have launched national low-carbon strategies to promote their green development pathways. This illustrates that in the face of human-driven environmental transformation, a rethinking of politics becomes necessary. 

Far from being sidelined during the last decade of negotiations, the African continent has prompted multi-scaled climate-focused initiatives, ranging from national policies to regional initiatives. Energy has also been invested in developing transboundary initiatives, such as the 8,000km-long African Clean Energy Corridor, which includes commitments from 19 countries and partners, ranging from governments, regional organisations and development institutions to private investors. 

It is difficult to predict whether the growing challenges related to climate change could act as drivers to unlock the willingness of states to share experiences, strengthen interaction and ultimately construct a different geopolitical discourse. 

Nonetheless, the Our Common Future Under Climate Change conference opens up an under-investigated scope for Africa to prompt innovative, integrated and transboundary strategies and intensify the debate on rethinking politics and policies in the face of the current and anticipated paradigm shift regarding the earth’s climate. 

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