Our Common Future Under Climate Change

International Scientific Conference 7-10 JULY 2015 Paris, France

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Organizers : CEREMA ( Centre for Studies and expertise on risks, environment , mobility and urban and country planning)
Event partners : Grand Lyon Metropole ; Plante & Cite ; ARBA ; Hortis France ; ARPE - ; Natureparif ; GrDF
Date : June 22nd, from 9am to 4:30pm
Location : France - Lyon - Hall of the community council
Expected number of participants : 50-100
Nature of participants : Local authorities - Scientists - Associations - City professionals - Elected officials
Keywords : Nature in the city, Ecosystems Services, Adaptation to climate change, Mitigation
Keynote speakers :
  • F. Segur Grand Lyon La Metropole, Lyon, France
  • L. Ponsart Grand Lyon La Metropole, Lyon, France
  • C. Menetrieux Cerema, Lyon, France


In urban areas, the solutions based on nature and biodiversity allow adaptation to climate change and mitigate its effects, including increasing the resilience of communities to hazards.

Nature has not simply an aesthetic role, it provides multiple functions that we did not necessarily consciousness. Nature contributes to several ecosystems services : regulation, purification, production,... It is biodiversity that ensures stability of ecosystems and their resilience to the effects of climate change. Concretely, this means that it is essential to focus on these inspired solutions of nature at the local level to manage the risks: water management, flooding, migration and displacement of species, change in temperature ... In urban areas, the solutions inspired by nature are multiple: creation of ecological corridors, ecological management of green spaces and tree heritage, integration of biodiversity to buildings by revegetation such as bio-sourced materials, alternative management rainwater, phytopurification ....

This workshop, organized under the French Capital of Biodiversity operation is for elected officials and local authorities and all city professionals to address the issues and practices linking Nature in the city and climate change. This workshop also aims at  developping and disseminating best practices from concrete experiences. An optional field trip will extend exchanges in the afternoon.

The workshop is part of a cycle of 10 workshops organized all over the french country between June and November. The organizing committee of the workshop series brings together all the partners mentioned in point 2 "Organization". This workshop involves more specifically Grand Lyon, Cerema and Plante&Cité.

The workshop will begin with an overview of the links between climate and nature in the city and the major issues relating to mitigation and adaptation to climate change. Le Grand Lyon will then present how it is concretely translated in the PCET (Territorial document for climate and energy planning). Thereafter, three concrete achievments conducted on different communities will be the basis for discussions with all participants from various professions and backgrounds. The afternoon will be devoted to a field visit.

Parallel to this workshop, a call for contributions is organized at national level to identify and promote best approaches that the authorities implement in favor of nature and biodiversity to adapt cities to climate change and mitigate its effects. A collection of exemplary actions will be published at the end November 2015 in preparation for the 21th Conference of the Parties.

More information

For more informations on the event and to register for this workshop, thank you to refer to this link : http://www.territoires-ville.cerema.fr/atelier-regional-nature-en-ville-et-changements-a1697.html
For a direct contact with the organizer please ask Céline Menétrieux (CEREMA) : celine.menetrieux@cerema.fr // +33 474 27 53 78