Our Common Future Under Climate Change

International Scientific Conference 7-10 JULY 2015 Paris, France

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Organizers : ANR, Environment, ecosystems and biological ressources, ANR, Sciences humaines et sociales,  ANR, Investissement d'avenir, Paris, France
Date : July 6th, from 9am to 6pm
Location :  Maison de la Chimie, 28 Rue Saint Dominique, 75007 Paris
Expected number of participants : 100-250
Nature of participants : Scientists and decision-makers
Keywords : Pluridisciplinary, Humanities and Social Sciences, Stakeholders, Adaptation and mitigation
Keynote speakers :
  • PY. Le Traon IFREMER, Brest, France
  • J. Chavé Laboratoire Evolution et Diversité Biologique, Toulouse, France
  • J. Guiot Centre de Recherche et d’Enseignement de Géosciences de l’Environnement, Aix en Provence, France
  • A. Cazenave Laboratoire d’Etudes en Géophysique et Océanographie Spatiales, Toulouse, France
  • S. Maljean-Dubois Centre d’étude et de Recherche Internationales et Communautaires, Aix en Provence, France
  • S. Ambec Toulouse School of Economics, Toulouse, France
  • M. Musy Institut de Recherche en Sciences et Techniques de la Ville, Nantes, France
  • P. Braconnot Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement, Gif sur Yvette, France


Since thirty years, the international scientific community develops many research studies about how the Earth's climate and the role of human activities in observed climate change. The contribution of the French scientific community is recognized, especially for his research in the areas of reconstruction of past climates, the cycle of greenhouse gases, Earth observation, climate scenarios and their impacts. Beyond these works, the last ten years new multidisciplinary themes have emerged to contribute to a better adaptation of societies to cope with climate change impacts.

Since its creation in 2005, the French National Research Agency (ANR) has funded many collaborative and multidisciplinary projects that contribute significantly to increased knowledge on:
  • fundamental processes related climate change, and observation and simulation methods;
  • impacts of climate variability and change on various environment and induced vulnerabilities for societies;
  • mitigation strategies in terms of modes of governance, policies and instruments for implementation, adaptation forms for ecosystem management and production patterns;
  • potential alternatives in terms of resource management (water, soil, land and marine biodiversity, forest ...), agricultural and food production, management of urban and rural areas, waste recovery and energy production.

On the occasion of the 21st Conference of Parties of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC COP21) which France holds the presidency, the colloquium "Coping with climate change: The contribution of collaborative research projects", organized by ANR aims to present the latest research in the field of climate change conducted in the framework of collaborative projects financed by the ANR or by the France Strategic Investment Program on which ANR is the operator for the higher education and research part.

Beyond progress on climate processes and scenarios of evolution, the colloquium will address issues related to impact, resilience, adaptation and reduction of greenhouse gases. The following topics will be highlighted:
  • links between the various parameters characterizing climate change, including interactions with ecosystems and societies through integrated approaches;
  • contribution of Humanities and Social Sciences;
  • cooperation with stakeholders, and the different public and private actors.


The day will be organized around four plenary sessions on the following topics:
  • Observation of the processes of change
  • The climate impacts and associated vulnerabilities
  • The strategies of impact reductions: policies and regulations
  • Towards alternative solutions

Nearly 100 posters will complement the oral presentations, including in emerging areas, such as the impact of climate change on health, with a particular focus on infectious diseases.

The closing roundtable will bring together representatives of government departments and research institutions.

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Contact : anr-climat@agencerecherche.fr