Our Common Future Under Climate Change

International Scientific Conference 7-10 JULY 2015 Paris, France

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Organizers : ADEME, CGI, MEDDE, Ville de Paris
Date : from July 3rd, 9pm to July 8th, 8pm
Location : Parvis de l'Hotel de Ville de Paris
Expected number of participants : more than 10,000
Nature of participants : Large public
Keywords : climate change, innovation, exhibition,low carbon technologies


ADEME funds research and development projects and operates for the french government an innovation program called "Investments for the future". This 3 billions euros program targets low carbon technologies and new solutions for mobility.

In the context of the COP21 in Paris, ADEME organizes an ambitious exhibition connecting research, innovation and climate change for a large audience.

The exhibition, to be held on the sidelines of the Scientific Conference of Unesco "Our Common Future under Climate change" is aimed to be a crossroads of exchanges. It is co-organized by ADEME, MEDDE (ministry in charge of environment and energy) and CGI (a department of prime minister) in partnership with the City of Paris.

It will highlight technological innovation and changes in behavior and present "climate solutions" through innovative projects under the Future Investments Program or research initiatives.

The main goals are to:

- Give effective examples of "the world of tomorrow" through the presentation of assisted projects prototypes (objects, models ...) and an educational information on issues and international context, innovation and fight against climate change.

- Enhancing public understanding of technological and behavioral issues and solutions for mitigation and fight against climate change.

More information

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