Our Common Future Under Climate Change

International Scientific Conference 7-10 JULY 2015 Paris, France




Organizers :  Sorbonne Universités, UPMC, Institute of Ecology and Environment, Paris, France; CNRS, GIS climat environnement société, Paris, France
Date : July 9th, from 6pm to 8pm
Location : Pavillon de l'Arsenal, 21 boulevard Morland, 75004 Paris
Expected number of participants : 50-100
Nature of participants : scientists, stakeholders, students
Keywords : climate, cities, networking
Keynote speakers : 
  • C. Rosenzweig Columbia University, Earth institute, New York, United States of America


The global network “UCCRN” (Urban Climate Change Research Network) brings together 550 personalities from the world of science (climate, biodiversity, hydrology, economics, politics) and various sectors of society (politicians, planners, private companies, officials and professionals of major cities, non-governmental organizations, citizen networks). The UCCRN aims at increasing the use of knowledge and scientific methods for developing effective mitigation and adaptation to climate change strategies in the urban context.

The UCCRN was created in May 2007 by Cynthia Rosenzweig, Senior Research Scientist at the Goddard Institute for Space Studies at NASA, Professor at the Institute of Earth Sciences at Columbia University, New York, and co-chair of the New York City Panel on Climate Change. This panel, bringing together scientists and other climate experts, was created in 2008 by the mayor Mike Bloomberg in order to develop strategies for adaptation to climate change.

The UCCRN promotes continuous relationships between scientists and social actors from the five continents and organizes the sharing of knowledge and views through workshops and symposiums. It produces a state of the art of research and practices of mitigation and adaptation to climate change in the urban context. A first synthesis was published in 2011 under the title "Climate Change and Cities: First Assessment Report of the Urban Climate Change Research Network." The second will be published at the end of 2015, with a preface of the mayor of Paris.

The UCCRN is being structured into six regional networks or hubs: Africa, Southeast Asia, Indian Peninsula, Australia, Latin America, Europe. These networks will organize at the continental level the UCCRN activities and will propose their own activities. They will be based on a close partnership between big cities and major universities, and will involve large economic, social, cultural and citizen organizations.

The proposed side event is a pre-launch of the European UCCRN hub and second report on Climate Change and Cities. Cynthia Rosenzweig will give a key note presentation on the organization and results of the UCCRN, and a preview of second report. Presentations will also be given by representatives of Paris city hall, the Groupement d'Intérêt Scientifique Climat Environnement Société (GIS Climat), the Atelier du Grand Paris and the Agence Paris Climat. A roundtable will be organized with some representatives of European cities and universities.

More information

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