Our Common Future Under Climate Change

International Scientific Conference 7-10 JULY 2015 Paris, France




Organizers: Climate-KIC Alumni Association (CKAA)   
Date:  26th June 2015   
Location:  London – Zurich – Berlin (simultaneously)
Expected number of participants:  50-100 (in each location)
Nature of participants:  Young professionals, Students & Academics
Keywords: Climate Change, Simulation, Discussion, Networking
Keynote speakers: TBD


The COP21 Simulation will be held by the Climate-KIC Alumni Association (CKAA) in London, Berlin and Zurich. Professionals and academics are invited to debate and discuss on one of the main topics of the COP21. Young professionals and students are invited to join this discussion.

Attendees of the event try to achieve a goal in a simulated COP event. While doing this they will increase their understanding on how negotiations and diplomacy are involved. The outcome can be compared to the results of simulations in different locations: London, Berlin and Zürich.

The simulation is guided by our team of our Climate-KIC Alumni Association. The Climate-KIC Alumni Association is a community, which has created a network that binds highly skilled professionals from across Europe with a single focus: Creating solutions to combat climate change through the generation of new businesses.
The Alumni Association forms an important part of the European Union’s main climate and innovation initiative known as Climate-KIC. It is open to all graduates of Climate-KIC’s education programmes, as well as start-up companies that have gone through the accelerator programme.

More information

The CKAA community, in 2014 consist of over 1000 members consisting of entrepreneurs, and young professionals working on creating a climate-resilient society. Members are spread right across Europe, and also outreach to the Americas, Asia and Africa. The number of members continues to grow as the CKAA takes in 400 graduates and companies every year.
The association is run entirely through the voluntary contribution of its members. Each region has a team of representatives that coordinate local events, with the governing board running the association at a European level. There are also separate workgroups that coordinate projects such as mentoring programmes, lobbying initiatives, podcasts, webinars, publications and IT. 

All members of the Climate-KIC Alumni Association have graduated from some of the available Climate-KIC programs.

Link to a website:
General contact:
Arno Zimmermann: arno.zimmermann@gmail.com
Kevin Ramirez: ramirez@ckaa.eu
Communications contact:
Anastasia Nikologianni: nikologianni@ckaa.eu