Our Common Future Under Climate Change

International Scientific Conference 7-10 JULY 2015 Paris, France




Organizers : CliMates
Date : June 18th, from 12am to 6pm
Location : Pantin, 93500, France
Expected number of participants : 1-50
Nature of participants : The participants will be civil society members, who want to discover more about climate change negotiations
Keywords : Climate change, International climate talks, COP simulation, Negotiation


COP in MyCity is a youth-led project that ambitions to (1) bridge the gap between yearly climate negotiations (a.k.a. the COPs – Conference of Parties) and the mainstream public, (2) foster education and action about climate change locally and (3) create an international community of agents of change committed to global cooperation and dialogue on climate change. The idea is commitment and empowerment of young people to fight climate change, mitigate and better understand climate change issues. COP in MyCity project give keys to become a change maker.

COP in MyCity has an international scope, and in 2014, the COP in MyCity community gathered more than 7,000 changemakers throughout the world.

COP in MyCity trains young individuals committed to raising awareness and initiate change on environmental issues. At the same time, the COP in MyCity team (which is based in Paris, France) organizes events, such as climate talks simulations. The simulation consists in a role-playing event in which participants will mimic the structure of an international negotiation conference following all its procedures. Participants are supposed to play the role of the actors represented “as in real life” and respect as accurately as possible the protocol of the UN.

On June 18, the youth "think and do tank" CliMates, which is the founding organization of the COP in MyCity project, will organize a simulation in Pantin, near Paris, and near the location of the COP21 conference that will take place in December 2015 in the Northern part of Paris. During that simulation, around 30 participants will be assigned delegations, and will then negotiate on a global agreement to limit global warming, and finance the environmental transition. They will use a tool called "C Roads", which enables to visualize the commitments made by the delegations participating to the simulation, during the three rounds of negotiations.

COP in MyCity is a project that bears a high educational value, in the sense that it raises awareness about environmental negotiations, and makes the link between global talks and what people can do at the very local level.

Obtaining the title of “side event” for the conference “Our common future under climate change” would be extremely important for that simulation.  It would enable the COP in MyCity project to get some visibility within the scientific community. At the same time, it would show the participants that scientists are being mobilized on climate change. Many of those interested in the international scientific conference could potentially be interested in knowing more about COP in MyCity, and this is a wonderful opportunity to create links between a project carried out by young changemakers, the French civil society living in the suburb of Paris, and the scientific community.

More information

You will find more information on the following links :

Learn more with the 2014 Report of Cop in My City!



Key outcomes

This exercise was highly appreciated by the participants who became aware of the issues and difficulties of such a negotiation. 

Even though they did not manage to achieve their aim, they were fully engaged in this serious game and acknowledged its pedagogical value.


Not only was this event an insightful experience but it also offered new opportunities for youth climate action.