Our Common Future Under Climate Change

International Scientific Conference 7-10 JULY 2015 Paris, France




Organizers : CLIC
Date : from June 22th 8am to June 28th 6pm
Location : Palace of Mexican Secretariat Foreign Affairs. Government of Mexico
Expected number of participants : 50-100
Nature of participants : Students & Young activist
Keywords : Climate Change, Activism, Youth, Latin Americans
Keynote speakers :
  • L. Terrazas Red Paz Integración y Desarrollo, La Paz, Bolivia
  • R. Rosenberg Engajamundo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • C. Wright Adopt A Negotiator, Sidney, Australia
  • D. Espinoza Red Nacional de Jovenes por el Agua, Mexico City, Mexico
  • R. Nyambura YOUNGO, Nairobi, Kenya
  • S. De Silva Government Sri Lanka, Colombo, Sri Lanka


CLIC is the Latin American and the Caribbean Youth Network on Climate Change and Sustainable Development. We advocate activism from a constructive perspective, seeking that our members and affiliates can propose -and execute- ideas for transforming the approaches of communication with Civil Society, improving the actions and activities related to tackling Climate Change and education for sustainable development.

In a more formal basis, we have promoted the inclussion of young people on the official delegations of parties before the UNFCCC meetings, having succeedded with the acreditation of a dozen of participants during the last COP20. As well, we promote a constructive dialog with governments, seeking for more youth participation in the making decisions processes. We understand that for having binding proposition, is necessary to have concrete opinions, feasible and related to the official guideline, nevertheless we seek to include a more integral perspective, acquired with education and empowerment.

Following this idea, we have designed a new CLIC Encounter (our second one) in the Mexico City, gathering young climate activist from Mexico and the LAC region, with the idea of providing them with new and global tools, for being more efective when it comes to propose something at their local governments, or when it comes to execure an education programme in their local communities.

Our Network is very diverse, integrating youth movements from different countries of the Latin American and the Caribbean Region (LAC). We have identified that the issues associated to Climate Change and Sustainable Development are recurrent everywhere, from Mexico City to Buenos Aires. So why not trying to share good practices? That's as well what we are aiming to do.

In the capacity building sessions, we bring brilliant young people from LAC regions and another parts of the World, , in order to see how they are acting in topics related to fundraising, wise usage of social networks, inclusion of native communities perspectives, negotiation at a  UN Scale, public incidence and environmental activism -among others- This help to inspire and to learn, and our attendees can form a more solid opinion on how to be more effective when acting in their local communities or in their governments. We believe that -thanks to the current dynamics- now is not possible to talk only on climate change activistm, but everything needs to be integrated or linked with a political perspective, as well nourished with the actual behaviour of entrepreneurship and social activism. Sustainable Development (with it environmental, economical, political, social, cultural and spiritual nuances) will contribute to a better understanding of how to build better alternatives for addressing climate change. And we as young people want to be part of that shaping process.

More information

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