Our Common Future Under Climate Change

International Scientific Conference 7-10 JULY 2015 Paris, France

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Organizers : Paris VI UPMC, LOCEAN, Paris, France and Instituto del Mar del Perú (IMARPE), Perú
Date : July 9th
Location : Réfectoire des Cordeliers, Paris, France
Expected number of participants : 100-250
Nature of participants : Mix of scientists, artist and stakeholders - general public, media, private sector, policy managers
Keywords : ocean under stress, ocean acidification, oxygen minimum zones, climate change, science, art, philosophy and society
Keynote speakers :
  • D. Ruiz Pino Université Pierre et Marie Curie Paris VI, Locean, Paris, France
  • C. Turley Plymouth marine laboratory PML, Plymouth, United Kingdom
  • M. Graco Instituto del Mar del Peru, Chemical oceanography, Lima, Peru
  • L. Beaufort CEREGE, Aix-marseille university, Aix, France
  • Nina Bednarsek - NOAA Affiliate
  • M. Boyé LEMAR, UBO, Brest, France
  • G. De Lagasnerie Ecole d Art de Pontoise, Paris, France
  • M. Revault D'Allonnes Universités a l'Ecole Pratique des Hautes Études , Paris, France
  • Other invited speakers


The ocean have a key role in the dynamic of the planet and in the climate change discussions. Actually many scientist recognize that the global ocean is rapidly changing and is under pressure from multiple stressors, acidification, low oxygen, warming that impact directly on the services of the Ecosystems and society. This “problem” is an opportunity to advance in research, generate innovative approaches and compromise of the different levels of the society. Is a global problem but with regional impacts and several ecosystem because of his characteristics, as the upwelling of Peru-Chile, are a window to explore in the present the future. We also recognize that it is important join science and society in order to include more discussion about the ocean at different levels. The art is an excellent way to take the attention to the people to the ocean in order to show the relevance of ocean to government officials, policymakers, environmental managers and the media because finally the Oceans is a business of every one.

A public day meeting will be organize in Paris, and together scientists, artist and philosophes will show a message about the ocean and climate change stressors, acidification and low oxygen conditions  and the importance in a global problem to have actions around the world in order to multiply the initiatives and impulse every stakeholders.

  • The side event will introduce PML video "OA Ocean Acidfication: connecting science, industry, politics and the public". 15 minutes
  • The ocean as a machine to sequester or producer CO2, conference 10`
  • Oxygen Minimum Zones as high CO2 and low pH a, conference 10`
  • Global and regional presentations about iniciatives in different research fields That Involve Ocean Ocean Deoxygenation and Acidification --other stressors 10`
  • Round table about open questions and discussion with the public. Thoughts from the philosophy. 30`
  • Artistics performances (responsables Francoise Vincent- Université de Strasbourg, France and Elohim Feria- Université Paris VIII):
    • Exhibition of monumental art entitled “Who will go to the North to the South, in connection with climate change in both poles”
    • Presentation of various artistic performances on the same thematic that the scientific activities.

A major aspect of this project is made to connect the North and South through the organization and participation of scientists and artists from countries located in both hemispheres; but also the presentation of a monumental work entitled will go north to south. This work based on an artists' experience in cooperation with scientists and on the theme of climate change in the two polar oceans: the Arctic and Antarctic.The project will address the impact and possible solutions to climate change that could be found in the ocean. All activities will be filmed, broadcast by direct Twiter and the "climate inside a bus that will travel the streets of Paris during event. This bus also broadcast the event to bring more public event website. The bus will be financed by the company RATP Paris metro.

Key outcomes

The key messages of the side events are the following:

  • Ocean it is a key part of the climate and society with a fundamental role in the context of climate change.

  • Ocean carbon and acidification. Ocean acidification is a serious problem caused by CO2 emissions and it is necessary urgently reduce it.

  • Some of our most productive fishing areas, as the Pacific Ocean and Upwelling areas, may be the ones most vulnerable to ocean acidification with important economic and social impacts.

  • Substantial and sustained research, investment, diffusion and multidisciplinary collaboration at a local and global scale are key components to address an Ocean under climate change.

  • The art is an excellent way to take the attention to the people to the ocean in order to show the relevance of ocean to government officials, policymakers, environmental managers and the media because finally the Oceans is a business of every one.



Please find hereunder the report of the side event.