Our Common Future Under Climate Change

International Scientific Conference 7-10 JULY 2015 Paris, France

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Organizers : IES EMEA (Industrial Environment and Sustainability)Paris , France
Date : June 24th from 9am to 11:30am
Location : Paris, UPMC
Expected number of participants : 1-50
Nature of participants : Students, Researchers, Companies
Keywords : advancement of innovative environmental technologies
Keynote speakers :
  • Mr. Joseph Burgarella,  Energy expert, Director CIAC International technologies
  • L. Dr Wu Gunazhou University , Guanzhou , China
  • C. Diyab IES EMEA, IES innovation, Paris , France
  • Mr. Jean-François DONZIER: Chairman of INBO( the International Network of Basin Organizations ) and , Director General of International Office of Water l'OIEau (Office International de l'Eau).
  • Mr. Christopher Segar: Regional Analyst of IEA (International Energy Agency)

More information

As of 22nd of September you will find more information via the following link www.autopia.fr


Autopia is an international project for the advancement of innovative environmental technologies in order to make them more accessible to all. The idea is to use these technologies to create “green cities” that both improve the quality of life of their inhabitants and develop society in an environmentally sustainable manner.

The Autopia project consists of two components: (1) an international online platform to present emerging technologies where consumers can read and vote for what they would be interested in using, and (2) an exhibition event to demonstrate them. The Autopia project has been established and is promoted by IES-EMEA, which is an international environmental consulting firm based in Paris that assists companies and provides them with strategies to manage their environmental projects. Through IES-EMEA’s management of the Autopia project, relationships are being built among the technology inventors, the consumers, local stakeholders, and all other related actors.

For those interested in participating in the Autopia project, inventors can submit their products to IES-EMEA’s database on the online platform; then a number of them will be selected, evaluated, and put into categories with quality labels. This platform will allow consumers to read and educate themselves of various emerging technologies, which are designed to have a positive environmental impact. Their use will result in reduced energy consumption, better waste water management, and improved quality of life for people.

The Autopia project is also working with cities in China to develop “green cities.” Specifically, Autopia will host an exhibition this October in China to demonstrate these emerging technologies to local populations. This event will take place in Guangzhou, China. In the future, the Atopia project hopes to host similar exhibitions in other cities, including Pékin, Tianjing, Nanjing, Suzhou, and Taikan. In China, the Autopia project has been recognized and received various awards. It has received third place in the French China competition, the Chun Hui Bei prize from the Chinese government in December 2014, and participated in the FCL Sustainable Development Conference.

IES-EMEA and the Autopia project will also participate in the “Our Common Future Under Climate Change” conference in Paris as a side event on June 24, 2015. This event will be a preparation meeting for the Autopia event in China later on this year. During this event, inventors will be able to debate and prove how their inventions work with local Chinese stakeholders and with the IES-EMEA team of experts. This will be a sort of “virtual” exhibition for inventors before the official event in Guangzhou. The Autopia project’s purpose is to enable emerging environmental technologies to become more accessible to people worldwide in order to incorporate them into their everyday lives. The implementation of these technologies is essential in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere in light of global climate change. Through the environmental technology expertise of IES-EMEA and their cooperation with several local partners, the Autopia project is a revolutionary way of uniting all aspects of the community to work towards a sustainable future


This debate took place in order to announce the release of the Autopia platform – a digital platform which facilitates the eco-innovation development in both the national and international markets with the help of the authorities of green cities.