Our Common Future Under Climate Change

International Scientific Conference 7-10 JULY 2015 Paris, France




Organizers : CliMates - International student Think&Do Tank on climate change, Paris, France
Date : June 13th 9am - June 14th 5pm
Location : Paris, France
Expected number of participants : 1-50
Nature of participants : Students, youth stakeholders
Keywords : simulations, crisis management, local and global impacts of climate change, youth solutions
Keynote speakers : 
  • N. Keurmeur, CliMates - International student Think&Do Tank on climate change, Paris, France



   COP 21 is an unique opportunity for the youth to raise its voice and to promote its projects and its solutions to address climate change challenges. This international conference is a key opportunity to mobilize young people on local climate change issues and to enable them to understand the stakes of the international negotiations on climate change (COPs).

   In CliMates, we think that education to climate change is essential to allow this mobilization and bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and civil society. It will also give to young stakeholders the keys to understand climate change and implement their own solutions and actions.

   Our side event project is to organise two sessions of simulations on climate change issues by adopting both a local and an international approach. The first session of simulations will take place in Paris on the 13th and 14th of June. The second one will take place in Buenos Aires between the 25th and the 29th of August as part of the Climate's week organised by the French Embassy in Argentina. The participants of these events will be students from both countries in order to gather cross-cultural perspectives on climate change.

   Both sessions will be organized in the same way so that we can draw comparisons between the solutions found in the two countries. The simulations will be led by skilled CliMates members.

    First, on the morning on the 13th of June, students will participate in a simulation of an ecologic crisis in which each participant will play the role of a social player (for example : a company manager, a representative of an association, a mayor). The ecologic crisis we chose to simulate  this event is a heat wave as the likelihood of heat waves increases with climate change. All these actors will have to communicate and coordinate to find solutions to this crisis. To help them to take decisions, CliMates will provide them some scientific elements and figures about heat waves. A partnership with meteorologists is considered in order to bring the most accurated data to the participants. This simulation aims at raising awareness among the students on the local and regional issues of climate change and encourage them to implement actions within their own territories. Hence, the work done during this first simulation will highlight climate change issues at the scale of French and Argentinian students' lives.
    In the afternoon to understand the international stakes regarding climate change, a simulation of a part of the 21rst Conference of Parties will be held, using United Nations' model, rules and dynamics. This intervention will take the form of a debate on international policy. The objective of this simulation is to find an agreement to keep global warming below two degrees and to promote more sustainable development at the international level. This kind of simulation has been widely developed by CliMates over the past few years with the project Cop In MyCity and our expertise will allow the participants to have a full understanding of the international negotiations.
    Finally, on Sunday June 14th, a feedback session will be organised to share participants' experiences and ideas on both local and international issues raised by climate change.

​This event follows the approach of "Our common future" by educating participants to climate change but also by giving them the opportunity to exchange their ideas to mitigate climate change and adapt our societies to the changes and crises it will bring. 

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