Our Common Future Under Climate Change

International Scientific Conference 7-10 JULY 2015 Paris, France




Organizers :  ISGlobal - Barcelona Institute for Global Health; IFMSA - International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations; AECS-Catalonia - Associació d'Estudiants de Ciències de la Salut
Date : from July 12th to July 19th
Location : Summer School venue: Faculty of Medicine, University of Barcelona, C/ Casanova, 143, Barcelona, Spain + COP Simulation venue: Espai Jove La Fontana. Carrer Gran de Gràcia, 190. Barcelona, Spain
Expected number of participants : 50-100
Nature of participants : Students and young professionals (≤35 years old) from medicine, health sciences and other disciplines. Proficiency in English is required.
Keywords : Health, Climate, COP
Keynote speakers :
  • P. Wilkinson LSHTM, London, United Kingdom
  • M. Nieuwehuijsen CREAL, Barcelona, Spain
  • R. Lowe IC3, Barcelona, Spain
  • E. Villalobos WHO, Geneva, Switzerland
  • P. Dadvand CREAL, Barcelona, Spain
  • K. Paaijmans ISGlobal, Barcelona, Spain
  • M. Maiero WHO, Geneva, Switzerland
  • F. Laczko IOM, Geneva, Switzerland
  • J. Depledge University Of Cambridge, Cambridge , United Kingdom
  • J. Schumaker-Guillemot WMO, Geneva, Switzerland
  • N. Watts UCL, London, United Kingdom
  • C. Desrosiers, Quebec, IFMSA


Climate change is affecting our lives more than we suspect. It is not only about the poles melting into liquid or wildlife being jeopardized or force to migrate. Modifications in the world’s natural conditions, even if at first imperceptible, have a profound impact on our health, either directly or indirectly. It is due time to develop a more comprehensive understanding of climate change’s impact on people, now and in the future, and to take action to mitigate its effects. The 2015 Barcelona Global Health Summer School will provide a complete overview of the interaction between climate change and health to students and young professionals from different backgrounds. At the end of the week, participants will understand and be able to analyze different determinants of health, including environmental factors, the direct and indirect effects of climate change on health, and political, economic and strategic approaches to the problem and its potential solutions. The week also includes visits to environmental health research centers in Barcelona. Faculty includes leading experts in the field from European academic and research institutions as well as representatives of the World Health Organization, the World Meteorological Organization and the International Organization for Migration.

The 2015 program includes a Conference of Parties (COP) simulation. The objective of the COP is to give an opportunity to participants to learn practical skills in global health diplomacy and international negotiation while increasing their knowledge on climate change and health and the Conference of parties (COP) process.

More information

For more information you can visit our website or get in touch through barcelonaghss@gmail.com and formacion@isglobal.org.

Key outcomes

“Climate change is the biggest global-health of the XXIst century.” – The Lancet.

This was one of the statements that led the start of the summer school the first day of the course. Students from across the globe were brought to share cultural differences among them, to learn united and to create networks for their future endeavours. Participants from Asia, America, Europe and Africa were present and involved in the course. The idea of the course, sprung from Paula Peremiquel, from AECS-Catalonia and with collaboration of IFMSA and ISGlobal, this year’s edition was successfully conceived.

The key messages the students took with them would be:

  • Action for Climate Change is needed now.

  • We can yet subvert the threat of climate change.


Please find hereunder the video of the COP simulation held during the Barcelona Global Health Summer School.